• Martyna Poważa

    Project Manager

    “ I really like the unique service we’re offering and how much fun we’re having while working. Everyone can express themselves in their own way and it doesn’t matter if you’re a gamer or not - you will love it here anyway. ”

  • Christian Ress


    “ What I love about PlaytestCloud is that everybody cares about giving our customers the best possible experience. We're all working together to help them make the best games possible. ”

  • Jack Dunne

    Team Lead Operations

    “ PlaytestCloud really is a fantastic place to work, we're a tight knit community that is always welcoming of new faces. I love the openness and transparency in the company. ”

  • We love games - they are our business and our passion

  • Maximum flexibility (hybrid culture with up to 100% remote): Work where you want

  • Connect with international experts: We bring everyone together twice a year for our summer & winter celebrations

  • Working abroad (workation): You can work up to 90 days per year from anywhere in the world

  • Professional growth: We offer easy-to-use development budgets & language courses to all our employees

  • Team building: We organize regular remote, hybrid, and in-person team events to build a strong team spirit

PlaytestCloud is the premier user testing provider for a growing number of game studios worldwide.

In a nutshell, PlaytestCloud provides an easy to use platform to conduct various playtests for mobile games at any stage of game development – from prototyping, to release, and beyond.

We connect game studios with a diverse set of international, real players, allowing studios to record authentic, diverse and ‘everyday’ people playing mobile games. PlaytestCloud defines ‘playtesting-as-a-service’: We provide customers with recordings and insights of players trying out their games, have the best games user researchers available for any support needed, and even allow studios to talk and gather feedback from players directly.

Our mission is to help studios make games that players love. We aim to be the preferred one-stop solution for producers, user researchers, game designers and those passionate about player experience in order to playtest mobile games during prototyping, development, soft launch, and after release.

Equal opportunity employer

At PlaytestCloud, we welcome diversity, and believe everyone should have a fair chance at setting a high score. We are committed to providing an inclusive environment for everybody who works here or with us, regardless of race, national origin, age, gender, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, religion (or lack thereof), political affiliation, disability, medical condition, pregnancy, marital status, or any other protected characteristics. Join us and make the future of mobile gaming diverse, inclusive, and exciting.

If you want to reach out to our Diversity & Inclusion buddies, please send a message to people@playtestcloud.com with your request or ask us to jump on a quick call with you.

Get in touch with us

If you have questions regarding the job opening or our recruitment process, drop our Talent Acquisition Manager a line at talent@playtestcloud.com.

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